A Non-addicted Start

Greetings, tech addicts! 💡

Although I was on the hunt for a super technologically obsessed person for the first story, I ran into quite the opposite. And since nowadays we’re all about taking challenges, I decided that I will start the blog in a rather unusual manner and introduce you to Selena Stevanović – a non-tech addict.

Selena is from Serbia and is a freshman at AUBG thinking of majoring in business. In her own words, she is not a tech addict at all.

I use a laptop and use internet a lot but I don’t think that that’s the most important thing in my life. I just use it for school, sometimes for leisure. But generally I don’t think of myself as addicted to the internet or to technology.


Although she admits to using Facebook, probably the most addicting website for all internet users, Selena says she uses it moderately only for connecting urgently with friends, which I wouldn’t regard as an addiction. You’ll know you’re addicted to Facebook when that’s the first website that you open when your browser loads up and you start scrolling and scrolling until you see posts you recognize from your last login.

Probably her favorite tech is her MP4 player.212496-apple-ipod-nano-5th-gen-with-video-recorder-front

It plays music and that’s the only thing that it does, so it’s the best thing ever.

This gave me an opportunity to search for a tiny bit of addiction to technology in her but when I asked if she would be able to survive without her favorite music for a week, the answer was yes. Selena confirmed that she has actually stopped listening to her vibes for some time and didn’t feel the urge to go back to her music.

I couldn’t resist but to ask for the secret formula behind Selena’s resistance from technology.

Well, I don’t know how to answer, but it’s just something that I grew up with. I grew up without having a good mobile phone, the only device that I had for 10 years was a PC. It’s just the way I grew up, and the way my parents taught me to behave, to be social, go out and do things with other people and not stay inside all the time.

Selena thinks the idea of this blog is a great one as she believes people should be able to live without technology being stuck to their faces throughout the whole day. She is also interested in seeing how the volunteers for the #nogadgetforaweek challenge are going to react and what consequences will the challenge leave on them.

I hope you all are also interested in following the stories of the volunteers and hopefully for next week’s post, I’ll be able to find a true tech addict to show us his or her gear and kiss it goodbye for a week.

I hope you enjoyed this first story and as always – stay connected!

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P.S. Be sure to click on the player below to hear Selena speak for herself about what it is not to be obsessed over technology.


11 thoughts on “A Non-addicted Start

  1. An unusual way to start your blog! Hope you will find enough people who decide to accept your challenge by putting themselves on a technological diet for a week. You should be very careful in your selection so that you don’t interfere with AUBG students’ work routines! Good luck!


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