Un-Kindled For A Week

Greetings, tech addicts! 💡

10347775_10203865138130145_4102708702363741127_nFor this week’s post I have found a volunteer to take on the #nogadgetforaweek challenge who is quite excited about it. My tech victim’s name is Dayana Vidolova, a junior at AUBG, majoring in political science and European studies. I have decided to make this case a two-post one, meaning I will do a post before and after the week without a gadget.

Since I really want to know what my own generation thinks about the idea of this blog and tech addiction in general, I didn’t miss the opportunity and asked Dayana for her opinion.

Picture2“I think it’s a good kind of challenge because you realize to what extent you’re actually attached to [your devices] and you can reevaluate your life.”

She continued on to explain that we shouldn’t be focused on checking our Facebook every ten minutes or play a stupid game every day just to win the meaningless price it has to offer. In the course of time and without our awareness, this becomes a daily habit that consumes our time and doesn’t give anything in return. Dayana thinks, and I agree, that we should spend more time with friends, preferably face to face than face to screen, and socialize as much as possible.

Dayana admits that she is a tech addict, though not a maniac. She says she can’t live without her phone and has to charge it twice a day to stay connected. But her favorite device is her Kindle tablet because of the bigger screen and quicker performance. Though it is a device primarily designed for reading, Dayana admits she plays games more than she reads books on it. And since it is her new year’s resolution to read more and check books off her reading list, having no digital device to read on will force her to go back to the old-school way – paper copies.

I had taken Dayana’s Kindle a day before the interview and decided to ask if that had affected her in any way. However, she told me that she had been busy enough for the past day not to notice the tablet was gone. She believes she will start missing it next week, but is enthusiastic as to see how the absence of her favorite tech works on her.

“I think I will [be able to survive without my Kindle]. I will find stuff to do, I mean, AUBG can keep me busy. If I really decide, I can [stop using] it for a month, it’s about will power. I can do it, the question is do I want to.”

Only time will show how Dayana will endure a whole week (or maybe more?) without her favorite device.

As always – stay connected!

P.S. Click the player bellow to hear what Dayana said during the interview.


20 thoughts on “Un-Kindled For A Week

  1. you should challenge Melody for no twitter 😀
    As for the challenge itself, I think that people can preoccupy themselves around AUBG long enough so that the absence of their favorite tech doesn’t have an effect on them. However, during the weekend they might start freaking out. 🙂

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  2. I think that staying away from her Kindle will have a positive impact on her for two reasons: first, she will be able to concentrate entirely on her studies at AUBG (and in POS and EUR there is usually a good amound of material to read on a regular basis); and second, if she wants to read, she will be more willing to go to the library and check the good old paperback or hardcover instead of staring at a screen.


  3. That’s a very interesting and I think challenging experiment. If Dayana succeeds in not touching the tablet I will also try this experiment on myself 🙂


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