As A Habit

Greetings, tech addicts! 💡

As you all probably remember, last week I found a tech enthusiast who eventually decided to take on the challenge for another week. Dayana says she is doing OK so far, though she is kind of worried that her Sims have died of hunger. 😀 Be sure to check the AUBG Tech Addicts blog next week as I will cover the consequences of her challenge in the next post.

1501033_755814601145957_6258461454153347246_oFor this week’s post, I found another tech addict who can’t seem to separate himself from a couple of websites. Alexander is a second semester junior at AUBG from Plovdiv, majoring in Business Administration. His addiction comes from his passion in life – sports. He is a big fan of football and basketball and checks game results and player statistics every day to stay informed on his favorite topics.

Alexander admits that visiting and has become an everyday habit. It all started back in sixth grade, even before high school, but the contents of the websites weren’t delivered as well as they are now. He says that they got improved over time and if you open the website today, there are much more team and player stats that are being updated constantly. The websites also provide the latest news in the sports world and are probably the best and primary source for sports fans. What is more, both websites have their own proprietary mobile applications that anyone can download and stay informed on the go.

Футбол, спорт, спортни новини -

Sasho believes that it is very hard for someone to leave their favorite thing, especially if it’s a sort of technology. As with anything that you get used and attached to, he says it is almost unbearable to separate yourself from your favorite tech.

[The websites] are not that important for my everyday life, I can live without them, but it’s still something that I use every day, constantly. I’m so used to it that … every time I go on my computer, I type [in the URLs] automatically in the browser.

He says he is afraid that since visiting the websites has become such a habit for him, he might spoil the challenge by accidentally and unconsciously typing in the URL and hitting Enter.

That’s how addicted I am.

And although these websites aren’t Facebook (we all know how addicted you are 😉 ), it seems it will be quite hard for Sasho to withstand the will and habit of visiting NBA and Make sure you read the follow-up post next week to find out how Alexander did with the #nogadgetforaweek challenge.

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Thank you for reading and as always – stay connected!

P.S. Click bellow to hear what Alexander said during the interview.

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