Challenge Results – Back To Reading and Extra Time Slots

Greetings, tech addicts! 💡

squareThis week’s post is a #challengeresults post! I will let you know how both of my volunteers in the previous two weeks did with their #nogadgetforaweek challenges.

First up, we got un-Kindled Dayana who survived without her favorite tablet for a total of 11 days! She says she could even go for more if it wasn’t for a ton of class readings that she just couldn’t read on her laptop.

I can’t carry my laptop around all the time and it’s not really convenient. That’s why I was forced to ask for my Kindle back.

dayanaIf we view things chronologically, Dayana had no problem with the absence of her favorite tech during the first couple of days. She says she was so busy with the BLIMUN conference during the weekend that she didn’t really notice her tablet was gone. But then as the week started, she began to feel the lack of her Kindle more and more, as she sometimes carries it to class to refer to readings and handouts. She managed somehow with that, but then the weekend came again.

I went to Sofia to visit my parents, and since I usually don’t carry my laptop with me when I go home, I felt the difference without my favorite device with me. I would rather chat with my friends from my Kindle than my phone and it was a bit annoying.

And since I know a device with a big screen is tempting for playing games, I couldn’t help but ask about the games she plays on her Kindle.

“I didn’t really feel deprived from playing games because it’s not something that I’m actually addicted to. And to my big surprise, when I opened one of my games today, it turned out that my Sims hadn’t died and they were all a hundred percent satisfied with life.”


Now that she has her Kindle back, Dayana says she feels secure that she can do the readings for her classes. She says that whenever she has to read on her computer, she just postpones, as it’s not her favorite thing to do on a computer screen. But now that she has her Kindle, she knows she can read anywhere, on the go. We all know that the Sims missed you too, Dayana. 😉

sashoNext, we have Sasho and his abstention from and Contrary to your votes (“will cheat”) on the Sunday’s poll that I posted, Sasho actually survived 6 days without his favorite websites. He says he took the challenge seriously and actually decided not to visit any sports websites just to test how he will manage without information about his two passions – football and basketball. Sasho admits that after he ceased his constant checks on player and game statistics, he stopped procrastinating and had more time to do his homework and read the chapters for his business classes.

During the week, I had an exam on Corporate Finance and since I stopped using the websites, I had more time to prepare and had a better result than I usually have.

studyhabitsNow that his challenge has ended, though, Sasho plans to go back to his usual habit and spend his whole time on the websites because he missed so much information during the challenge that he has to catch up now.


I hope that that won’t ruin my GPA for the rest of the semester.

So fellow addicts, these are the consequences of the #nogadgetforaweek challenge for my first two volunteers. It’s not that scary, is it? If you want to try the challenge for yourself, do not hesitate to leave a comment bellow the post and I will make sure to contact you and take away your favorite piece of technology for a week or maybe more!

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P.S. Click bellow for the confessions of Dayana!

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