Greetings, tech addicts! 💡

It was about time someone gave up on Facebook for the #nogadgetforaweek challenge!

ivanOur hero’s name is Ivan Navodnyy, an AUBG student from Russia, majoring in Information systems and Business administration. He confessed he is a social media addict who just can’t resist scrolling Facebook every two or three minutes when preparing for a midterm. That’s sooo you, I know. 😀

The social networks Ivan uses the most are Facebook, Instagram, and VKontakte (VK). For more information on what VK is, be sure to watch the video bellow this blog post. Ivan uses social websites mainly to connect with his friends from AUBG and his home country and also to read sports and political news. He says he created a Facebook account only when he came to AUBG, as that seemed to be the most popular way of communication between AUBG students.


IMG_6120All of my sports news and news from my country are there and that’s why I’m using it so much.

So although Ivan didn’t agree on giving up on social media in general, he did agree to stop using Facebook for a whole week. That is quite something, as he’s giving up on valuable news and contacts. He uninstalled the mobile app from his phone in front of me and promised he won’t use the website from a computer. So far he has done well, as his “last seen” label displays the day he uninstalled the app.

Ivan believes he will be able to survive without Facebook for a week. He says he will find other sources for sports and political news and will try to find the people he needs in person or contact them over Viber or Whatsapp.

Make sure you read next week’s post when I will share Ivan’s results and hopefully introduce you all to a person who is willing to give up their smartphone.

As always, be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter and stay connected!


7 thoughts on “#NoFacebookForaWeek

  1. That is a great try to improve your relationship with friends by talking to them in person, instead of with the Facebook messanger 🙂


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