Where Is My Smartphone?

Greetings, tech addicts! 💡

In this week’s post I will give you the results of Ivan’s #NoFacebookForaWeek challenge from last week and also introduce you to my new volunteer, who chose to give up on her smartphone.

ivanIvan made it! He completely stopped using Facebook for a whole week. He says that when he first signed in after the long absence, there were over a hundred messages from people who wondered where Ivan had gone. But he believes the challenge helped him realize that Facebook is just a way to connect with people and not something to get addicted to. Ivan says he found other ways to communicate with most of his friends and also other sources to read his favorite news. So all in all he is satisfied with the challenge and will go easy on Facebook, as it is just a way to communicate with people who don’t have a VKontakte account.
mariya2This week’s volunteer is Mariya Boteva, a junior at AUBG studying History and Literature. She doesn’t classify herself as a big tech addict, but really wanted to try out the #nogadgetforaweek challenge.

Mariya got her first smartphone two months ago and says she has slowly started to become a tech addict ever since. That is why she decided to take up the challenge and see if two months were enough to convert her in one of those addicts who just can’t live without their smartphone.

I can see how easy it is to get addicted to something you can use practically any second.


Mariya uses her smartphone mostly to browse Facebook and communicate with friends over messaging apps like Whatsapp and Facebook’s Messenger. She has also started playing more games on her new device and also uses it to browse the web whenever she needs it.

It is very convenient, I sometimes even use it as a dictionary in class.

She believes the challenge will help her purify herself and see what it is to stay disconnected. But fear not, she still has a regular cell phone with her, to communicate with friends and family in the old-fashioned way – by talking.

Stay tuned for Mariya’s results next week and remember to follow me on Facebook and Twitter. As always – stay connected!

P.S. Watch the video bellow if you want to learn more about what a smartphone is.

If you want to find out more, check out the related story on Storify.



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