Laptop Out, Schoolwork In

Greetings, tech addicts! 💡

People are starting to give up on bigger and bigger tech! Read on to find out about my first volunteer to give up his laptop for a week. But before that, let me tell you about the results from Fahed’s challenge.

fahedresultFahed gave up on mobile and video games for a week, but eventually prolonged the challenge and survived 14 days without his favorite tech. He shares that he felt a bit depressed after the challenge, since he realized how much of his life he wasted on useless games. He adds that the week without a gadget helped him become more productive and find more time for reading and other means of entertainment that are more beneficial. Fahed says he limited the time he plays games to a very short period, only in cases he really needs distraction from studying.

This experiment might actually turn out to be a life savior, and a motivation for a better future and career.

Hopefully the challenge will help Fahed manage his time better from now on and find more diverse things to do other than gaming. Now let’s move on to the story of my next volunteer.

laptopI’m sure you would agree that the laptop is a student’s best friend. We use it for everything: socializing, entertainment, school work, etc. Can you imagine that for this week, a fellow AUBGer decided to give up on his laptop to try out the #nogadgetforaweek challenge? It’s true, since the gadget is in my wardrobe under careful guard from my volunteer’s maniacal urges to play his favorite game when he should be finishing his senior project.

11073305_1568862576705995_2376753769550702165_nDimitar Uzunov, a senior studying Computer Science and Business Administration with a minor in Information Systems, decided that it’s high time to finish up his senior project so he thought the challenge would be of great help. He does classify himself as a tech addict, using his laptop all the time and his smartphone mainly when he is traveling from town to town. He uses his laptop mostly for schoolwork, but also for watching TV series, playing games, socializing, and, as he is a senior, for applying for jobs and finding information about opportunities after graduation.

Usually, Dimitar plays small games, in which he can engage often and get a sense of fulfillment out of wining and leveling up. Around February, he got addicted to a video game called Hearthstone, which is a digital collectible card game. He has been playing it almost every day ever since. To learn more about how to play Hearthstone from Dimitar himself, be sure to watch the video bellow.

Dimitar hopes he won’t have any distractions now that I took his laptop for the challenge. He believes the week will be hard without his favorite gadget and video game, but hopes he will get through it.

Since the senior project presentations are next week on Tuesday and Wednesday, I will be happy to see Dimitar’s final project next weekend when I interview him for the results of the challenge. That will definitely indicate that the digital detox helped.

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Don’t miss the next week’s post to learn if Dimitar finished his senior project and until then – stay connected!


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